5 Ways to Keep Down Your Cholesterol

5 Ways to Keep Down Your Cholesterol

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Cholesterol is the leading cause to heart attacks and stroke in the US. Even with ways to manage it, many Americans are neglecting to take care of their heart health. In honor of World Heart Day, here are 5 ways to manage your cholesterol and take care of your heart.



  • Nutrition



By eating less red meats and egg yolks, you can make a start in reducing the amount of cholesterol you are taking in. Also, eating vegetables are always a good choice. Did you know an avocado has no cholesterol? It’s true!



  • Get Active



Higher amounts of physical activity can burn the amount of bad cholesterol that is in your body. 150 minutes of moderate activity a week can make a difference.



  • Get your cholesterol checked yearly



By getting your yearly wellness check done, you could prevent a heart attack or stroke by knowing your cholesterol levels. This could save your life.



  • Know good and bad cholesterol


LDL cholesterol is considered “bad” cholesterol. This is the cholesterol that can create plaque in the arteries. HDL cholesterol is the “good” cholesterol and it actually removes LDL cholesterol from the arteries. Oatmeal is a great source for HDL cholesterol while LDL cholesterol is found in red meats, cheese and pastries.



  • Sleep



By getting less than 8 hours of sleep, people may have a reduced amount of HDL “good” cholesterol. If you are trying to reduce your cholesterol, make sure you get a good night’s sleep.

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