Five Approaches To Gaining A Better Night’s Sleep

Sometimes it seems sleep is something that is harder and harder to get the rest you need. You awake during the night because of being hot, your phone going off or sometimes you just can’t sleep. Anything that keeps your mind active, while trying to fall asleep, may not give you the good night’s sleep you need. Here are five approaches to gaining a better night’s sleep.

Sleep depravation can cause more problems than just being tired.

Sleep deprivation can cause more than just being tired.

  1. Stay cool when sleeping. Sleep in a room between 65º and 70º Fahrenheit can help you get a better night’s rest. Research shows that mild drop in body temperature induces sleep. Whether you are sleeping with a fan on you, lighter pajamas or a cooling pillow, this coolness can lead to a more restful night’s sleep.
  1. Put the electronic devices away. By putting your phone on silent and turning it over, so the screen does not light up can lead to being more restful upon awaking. Your body can very easily awake from a small noise or movement, such as your phone vibrating. The little light that blinks at the top of your phone can even affect your sleep. Experts suggest that this little bit of light can trick your sleeping brain and body into thinking the sun is coming up, and leaving you without a restful night.
  1. Embrace the dark. By using light blocking blinds, a sleeping mask or losing the nightlight can help you feel more rested. As human beings, it is natural for our bodies to start to awake when the lights come on or to go to sleep when the lights go off. This is a stimulation that triggers the brain when to sleep and when to be awake. Studies suggest that the body relies largely on the absence and presence of light. Your sleeping environment should be as dark as you can make it.
  1. Utilize your rocking chair. Studies suggest that rocking in a rocking chair before going to bed at night can decrease your stress hormone, known as cortisol, by 25%. This is a chance for your body and mind to relax because of the pressure put on the lower part of your back when sitting. It allows for the increased blood circulation to reach the tight and sore muscles helping you relax more quickly than sitting passively.
  1. Stick to a schedule. By going to bed and getting up around the same times every day, you will set your bodies internal clock. This results in you getting a better night’s sleep. The schedule you put yourself on will also make it easier for you to fall asleep, stay asleep and wake up a bit easier.

We don’t always think about getting a good night’s rest, but this lack of rest can result in our days not being as good as they should be. Lack of a good night’s sleep can lead to confusion, forgetfulness, anxiety, depression or full-blown insomnia.

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