Immune System Attacking Germs On Your Desk

The second Monday of each year in January is dedicated as National Clean Off Your Desk Day, while many are organizing through papers, and putting folders in alphabetical order, there is a big difference between organizing and cleaning.

Spend the second Monday in January cleaning your desk.

Spend the second Monday in January cleaning your desk.

To be organized is to arrange in a systematic order and it can help keep a clear mind, while working. To clean is to make something rid of dirt, marks or messes, and germs. Today when cleaning off your desk, keep in mind there are germs all around you. They are in your keyboard, smart phone, mouse, filing cabinets, door handles and office supplies.

According to a study from MIT, when someone coughs or sneezes it emits an invisible cloud of germs and liquid droplets that linger in the air, and fall wherever they want. Research shows that your keyboard and smart phones carry up to 7,500 microorganisms per swab test, while a toilet seat carries 5,400.

Dust is made up of everything from carpet fibers, to dead skin cells, to anything in the environment. It sits, but when moved it tends to linger in the air. Air quality is very important when cleaning. Coughs and infectious sneezes lurk around every corner, and sometimes it’s hard to stay away from those sick.

The best fix to not come into contact with these immune system attacking germs is cleaning. Germs get in anywhere they possibly can. This is something to think about when you clean your desk up today. Today is a day better than any to organize, clean it with some hand sanitizer, wipe it down with antibacterial wipes or use some soap and water. These are things we know are there, but do not always tend to use to our advantage. Today we can use these germ eliminating supplies to avoid a dirty desk and getting sick.

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