Try To Swallow This…

So, you’ve missed the healthcare deadline and don’t have any form of healthcare? Liberty HealthShare℠ has the answer. Liberty HealthShare℠ offers an affordable healthcare option that allows Americans to enroll anytime of the year. For those of you who have already enrolled but just aren’t satisfied with what you have chosen, there is still hope. Liberty HealthShare℠ allows Americans to control, manage, and direct their healthcare, yet still be in good standing with the Affordable Care Act. Members are exempt from the tax penalty and mandates imposed on individuals for not having healthcare insurance, thus giving you freedom from insurance.

Liberty HealthShare℠ empowers their members by giving them the ability to choose any doctor or hospital across the nation. Memberships are for individuals, couples, and families; offering a variety of options to best suit an individual’s medical needs.

Liberty HealthShare℠ strives to offer an affordable option for members to manage their healthcare by being transparent and ethical. Their morals and values do not support morally objectionable acts, such as abortions. Members are at ease knowing their money is going towards a good cause, and that they are a part of a community with integrity and strong beliefs.

If you’re a freedom loving American looking for contract free healthcare, then this is for you. For more information on how to enroll any time of the year call 855-585-4237, or visit to request a free estimate.

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