Evaluate Your Life Day – OCT 19th

Evaluate Your Life Day

Today is National Evaluate Your Life Day. Didn’t know such a day existed? Me neither, until I looked at my online calendar of quirky, off the beaten path holidays.

The more I thought about this day, the more it sank in that this day should actually be on the A-List of Holidays, such as Thanksgiving — another introspective holiday, but with amazing food thrown in the mix. I’m now rethinking our dinner plans of Salad this evening, but, I digress.

In a world where many people work well over 40 hours a week and find themselves continuing with the work load on the home front, shouldn’t we all be celebrating this day?

What do you evaluate on a daily basis? For me, it’s a pretty simple answer, my wardrobe, hair, finances, job… Pretty insignificant details in the grand scheme.

How often do you actually sit down and evaluate your life as a whole, in all aspects?

If you’re like me, not very often, and yet, I speak with so many people who are not happy with how their lives are going. Who feel run down, out of touch, or are so busy working just to make ends meet.

For what? What’s your point? When you evaluate your life, do you know what is working, and what isn’t? Do you know what your values are and if the choices you make on a daily basis support them?

Are you connecting with yourself and with others? Can you tell me your needs and how you’re going to meet them?

Life is short. Evaluate your life and commit to change the things that you want to be different and accept those things that you aren’t willing to change at all.



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